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Gintama 398 - THE ESSAY D;

I didn’t mean to ramble on but my emotions took control of the keyboard >.>

I think I’ve said it before that I love when parallels are drawn between Gintoki and Takasugi, and this chapter just added fuel to my GinTaka love. 

I love this so much. Takasugi repeated Gintoki’s exact words (not sure if it’s verbatim even in Japanese) without knowing. I don’t know why, but this gives off such a strong strong feeling of kinship, in a very dysfunctional and hopeless way. 

I was terrified that Nobume might be a traitor to Sasaki, but I think it’s safe to say she’s still fully loyal to him. But her connection to the Tendoushuu is most intriguing! (I love how Takasugi is manipulating Mimawarigumi and Shinsengumi is ofc being influenced by Gin-san xD) I love what she said about Shouyou-sensei’s two students: one is protecting what Shouyou left behind and the other is destroying it. I never saw it that way. T_T

"They were the same. They both had eyes full of sadness."

Wow. This has to be one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever read. Here we have a very very good and beloved person being sad and a very very violent and terrible person being sad. And I love them both so much. But I’m glad this was established. It doesn’t only go as far as Nobume’s observation; I believe that they have been sad for a long, long time. I’m sure many of you noticed that in every Gintama OP there is a part where Gin-san looks off in the distant with a very resigned expression on his face. I don’t know how much of an influence Sorachi has on the opening song animations, but there is a definite presence of slightly melancholic Gin-san in every OP. IMO, Gin-san struggles with sadness throughout the series and GAWD IT CRUSHES MY HEART AND SOUL JUST TO THINK ABOUT. 

There is regret present inside both of them but they deal with in completely different ways. Takasugi nurtured his inner howling beast with regret, hate, sadness, and all negative feelings. Gin-san did the exact opposite and tamed his beast.

If I had to pinpoint the moment Takasugi’s mind became unhinged it would be this:

(I’m truly sorry for making you see this again)

Notice their positions. Gin-san has looked away, turning his back on it. Zura just stands there, helpless, the very picture of defeat. And Takasugi. My first thoughts were ‘omg please Takasugi, look away’. He getting the full blast - how vivid his nightmares must be. T_T

God. Feelings.

I’m still reeling from how important this arc is so far. We got to some vital information: Gin-san was the survivor of the Kansei purge, it was the Tendoushuu that took away (and possibly killed) Shouyou-sensei, and after this arc there will be changes in the government body. The foundation has been widened and it is all just so exciting. <3 <3 <3 I just wish we get to see Zura’s take on all of this very soon. And more of Sakamoto. I am not complaining, though. I am thoroughly satisfied. 


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